Friday, February 5, 2016

politricks as usual

they cheat they lie
they sometimes steal
people seem to think
this is no big deal.
that this is what
politicians do.
and we should just
accept this fact
as true.
the banality of the
the cynicism
of the unwise.
perhaps this was
always a part of
human history,
she sadly


Unknown said...

Nice poem. Liked it. For I too have had my fill, of all their misleading swill, those corrupt politicians keep it pouring, I long since found the whole charade quite boring, so I've turned off all the news, all good for a case of the blues, if you want to know the way out if this painful journey, just get me off this strapped up gourney, and over to the computer I shall try to take you to a place, where you too might see his face. :)

karen lyons kalmenson said...

tanks :)


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