Thursday, November 12, 2015

crouching mikey....hidden dragon

i am meant to be wild and wild i am.

my name is magic mikey and my life,
to abuse, misery and neglect i was
once relegated.
then rescued i was by a helping wing.
and finally i learned
that life is  a good thing.
two kind human beings adopted me
just as i was.
a plucked little parrot,
bald, with some feathers and fuzz.
but they saw my spirit and helped
me  dream once again.
i call them my staff and also
my bestest friends.

for those who want to be guardians of birds such as me.
please understand the difficulty.
we need love, attention, proper nutrition
and good medical advice.
we are not objects for vanity
or decoration..
that not very nice.

so if you comprehend what
it takes to be employees of
those like me
adopt from a shelter....
for the best
avian company

thanks you

my story :

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