Sunday, June 5, 2011

we know

There is a world of color
beyond these metal walls
Grasses so green, trees so tall
Flowers of brilliant colors,
Some gentle, some sharp hues
Scents that abound above and beneath
Our pawshoes
We just want the chance to live
In a world so well lit
With human voices that
Around us, flit
A soft bed, enough food
So hunger is not what we feel
We know, in our hearts
That this can be real

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I am a proud senior, forever hippie, who has incorporated the peace and love vibe into the technosphere of the 21st century. Gratitude and love of all beings is what I live for and how I live. My husband and I are guardians of pteribird in heaven and magic Mikey a special needs senior parrot, whose intelligence and love is beautiful and humbling. Blessings