Thursday, October 27, 2005


the scarey thing about having fear

with it your thoughts are never clear

it blinds all logic, destroys all sense

immobilization its sustenance

ive lived this way for so long now

i want to change...i dont know how





Anonymous said...

Fear is the state you are in when you appear to be confronting the unknown or an unknown element of what you feel you already knew. A total unknown situation leaves you open for only one answer, that’s pretty easy. The unknown piece that appears in a known situation is the one that gets you on the ropes. What you knew, or thought you knew, has changed, added or revealed something you didn’t know.  Now your fear is having to reevaluate and change the answer(s) you already thought you knew. The myth is thinking you need time to comprehend the situation when you already know the right thing to do next. The skill of handling fear is controlling the degree of your reaction to it. Remember, it is your fear that is the subject, therefore you control the speed limit on its resolution. Fear must always be resolved…it is the human condition. Regardless of what the fear is or whether it is real or imagined it will always be resolved, with or without your input. Your job is to be the control over your fear and sort them out as they come along. If you do not sort them out they will sort out themselves. You can choose if you live or learn from them or not. Harboring fears only makes them worse and the solution more difficult. Think smart not just quick.

Anonymous said...

well said, nawsb...fear is one of the most primal and sometimes, irrational, is what causes a prey animal to flee, to preserve its life, and can cause a human to do so to, to escape even an imaginary threat


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