Thursday, December 18, 2008

to her,the world was a dark and broken place. she found it inordinately difficult to navigate such a dismal landscape. occasional flashes of light managed to pierce the somber. but the somber always seemed to nudge them away.until him. he brought with him love, trust,...concepts she thought only inhabited other people's lives. the feeling of isolation she wore as a heavy mantle slowly evaporated.the pigment of the world around her lost its greying hue.

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I am a proud senior, forever hippie, who has incorporated the peace and love vibe into the technosphere of the 21st century. Gratitude and love of all beings is what I live for and how I live. My husband and I are guardians of pteribird in heaven and magic Mikey a special needs senior parrot, whose intelligence and love is beautiful and humbling. Blessings