Monday, May 8, 2006

l'anne prochaine...mon anniversaire triste

these have been dark days indeed for me, as another year passes and i get one step closer to end times. another year older...wiser, wizened emotionally...this has not been a good year. it has been one filled with health issues and severe emotional well as a visit to an old habit, which i have managed to get under control.....tough little lady i be.

the next year....quien sabe?  would like a respite from heartbreak and a foray into genuine happiness...perhaps that is asking too much, but to the dieties that be...this i ask.

fell down a dark tunnel....scratched the walls,ascended until my fingers bled...found a small opening, light shining in...followed the beam until i crawled upon land...still looking around, not sure if i want to stay here...

happy birthday to me...the choir not responding, no other voices heard...the candle hardly flickers, noone says a word


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