Sunday, September 22, 2013


whether you believe in evolution, creationism, intelligent thing is certain, this planet is not here for our species alone.

over time, many other beings have walked, swam,
crawled or flew in our earthsphere, a multifaceted environment hardwired to accommodate all sorts of beings.

time passed, with nature, her mysteries and unanswered questions. species and habitats came and went. all perhaps in a grander design, or perhaps not... nature made choices....

now we stand at the precipice. we, the only species who deems it necessary to alter and destroy the environment, in order to house us. we, who think we are superior...yet we cannot live here without decimating our own home.

time is running out. our foundation trembles. we too many end up zoo exhibits extinct life form.

we can either deny, or we can try.

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