Wednesday, January 28, 2015

in truth

in some truths we revel
in others we cower
from what they
we hide behind some lies
and others make
us feel less small.
we tend to define
by that which
we suppose would
somehow improve
that state of discomfort
in which
we all, at times,
through the windowglass, flakely

of times

times we have spent
things we have said.
moments now broken
swirling inside my head.
heart beats now silent,
while others,
still racing.
what happened then
and what we
middle neck and a state of grace

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the strength of the fragile

the strength of the fragile.
at times brittle
at times
around the corner

to deny

to deny is to lie
to lie is to never learn.
to never learn is to
my dad was involved in the liberation of dachau. what he saw changed him and altered the course of his life as he had thought it would be, previously.
to hate one group is to be able to hate any and all, including animal species...
blind hatred is ignorance and ignorance is voluntary stupidity!!!!!!
pledge to remember those who perished, and a brighter future will shine through the darkness

u c

there is beauty beneath the surface,
easily found...
if we open our eyes
and turn around.


do what you do
say what you say.
the truth will find you

Monday, January 26, 2015

weather...or not

♪♫the weather outside is sh*tty.
although it is quite pretty....
time for winter to go...
who needs snow too
much snow 
too much
stay safe all and keep your precious loved ones warm

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