Wednesday, August 27, 2014

she sang

she sang out loud
with joy of voice.
nobody listened.
so she asked herself
why sing at all
if ears are closed.
she sang another
then waited,
jones beach birdie

man builds bridges

man builds bridges
big and tall
but be cannot cross
the divide between
love and hate
at all.

(he barely makes
it to the border
of the toleration

on the way to NJ

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

picture postcard houses

picture postcard houses.
other people's lives.
parents, children,
husbands, wives.
behind these
walls of luxury.
human beings...
just like we!
a view from norman j

he called out

he called out in a voice,
loud and clear.
did anyone listen
or take
the time
at norman j

she was trapped in her thoughts

she was trapped in her thoughts
but wriggled free long enough
to notice the beauty outside
her miseries.

sitting outside the yoga studio.

Monday, August 25, 2014

we miss you little parrot girl

she knew she was pretty.
she knew she was sweet.
she knew she had us wrapped
around her cute birdie

we miss you funny birdie girl
pteri tea rose max...our little pteribird
♥pteribird cuteness forever♥

how strange to some

how strange to some
the concept of difference.
aforementioned some
even resent the
but to what standard
should we conform.
what is sick and
twisted to one,
to another is
the norm.
at norman j


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