Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Be the one

 Be the ones who follows their own voice
Who listen to others
But make their own choice


 With hope we look

With worry we look away 

If we all shared a loving  vision 

Instead of derision 

Perhaps the hope 

Would stay

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Tuesday Beakspeak a la king

 ❤️🪶🦜💚good morning everyboidie

I gots to gripe some 

Mommy think she make funny memes

But no one swipes em 

Mommy also laughs at the jokes 

She cracks 

Daddy laughs too 

He gots her back

I just sit and postulate 

On the next use of my regal image 

She gonna make 

So we continue to humor her 

And pretend 

(Cause we know if we don’t 

This will never end)😃

you know know me…MagicmikeycuteasaurusT🦖special needs 

Proud of my seniority 

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree



 ❤️☮️The beauty that you seek in world starts with you☮️❤️

Monday, July 22, 2024


 We are clever

We are smart

If you get to know us

We will capture your


Beakspeak a la king

 As I sits here looking so cute and pensive 

Humans desperately on the defensive 

But there is no getting past

My charm offensive 

I cute and I know it

What can I say

This one of the reasons why 

My humans obey

(Besides the shriekbeak 

Always at play😄)


 No matter how I try to

Fine tune it 

I am a pudgepidge

And I am a 




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