Friday, December 2, 2016

the time, she flies

the time she flies,
on wings unbending
we live we die.
broken hearts need
words unspoken,
those we cannot
take back
questions never ending.
there is no slack.
regrets too many
denials too few
life's many trials
too much to do.
that which we
choose to remember
with distorted view.
the point where the
gets the

if lifetimes

if lifetimes were measured
in moments and heartbeats
mine would be forever

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

the path to clarity

we walk along
the path to clarity
as obstacles litter
but clutter
our hearts,
as clear they see
the moment.

how oft i thought

how oft i thought
about the whens
the wheres and whys
no answers
so no more questions
of this kind
will i let  further
my already muddled
so free to see
the beauty

Monday, November 28, 2016

we are challenged

we are challenged.
easy is a not a word
meant to be lived
but uttered in hope,
the challenges we face
are made all the more arduous
by the complexities inherent in
the human landscapes.
do we slither, bellies downward
or do we rise.
and not let complacency dictate our
every inaction,
as the moments we are present
melt into the larder
of a lifetime given to us.
we are of this moment
the morrow a twinkle in the
eye of a grander presence.

epistle to thistle

to thistle i write
though why
i cannot say.
you once were
a flower.
and then

clouds they

yes they make
us old.
but they cannot


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