Friday, September 5, 2008

she closed the door and walked into her parents apartment.  standing in the foyer, she watched them in the kitchen.  these two small, feeble people bustled about, clinging to every movement they were still able to do. they worked together, clad in their color compatible aprons, immaculately dressed underneath.

she watched them as they are, remembering them as they were, strong, tough, able to generate great fear in her and her brother, which lingered  to this day.

their stature was greatly reduced.but not their posture nor their posturing.

she felt them fading. their ability to take care of themselves would probably be coming to an end sometime in the near future. they, who had exercised such control over everyone in their perceived domain, were slowly losing control over their bodies, and would be dependent on others, surrendering even more of that precious control. a frightening scenario for her as well.

her long simmering anger dissipated into a gentle empathy for the fragile humanity before her.

she entered the kitchen, kissing each one softly, then sat down for dinner

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