Monday, July 27, 2020

depression is real

depression is real. it is as indelible as a heartbeat. though you cannot touch it, it touches you and all those around you.

it is unseen but all encompassing.

it grabs your every moment and will not let go.

it fills your eyes with brimming tears, from deep inside a seemingly
endless well

invisible you fear but invisibility you seek.

there are no words enough to this away.

yet part of you is still breathing.

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greetings! i have managed to incorporate my eternal woodstock nation spirit with the high tech 21st century world. i am an artist/writer, who dabbles in rhyme, and, sometimes, reason. my passions are my husband, who is truly the wind that ruffles my sails, animals rights, yoga...waking up in the morning. i find inspiration in too many things to list, and far too many more to remember. sketching, watercolor painting,poetry and photography are my ways of expressing joy and gratitude. from living with a chronic illness, i have learned the beauty of each day, and treat each as another sun salutation, and another chance.