Friday, June 8, 2018

papa jack lyons

papa jack lyons 6/18/1923 to 6/5/2018
my papa has joined the congregation of angels
what you we say about papa jack.
he was a man of great contradictions: he was a ww2 war hero who despised war and what men did in its name. a decorated veteran who did not want a flag draped over his coffin. he did not like birds but every day he asked both hubbysito and i how our magic mikey was, if he ate, did he fall again off his perch.
he was one tough, strong man but at his core, a vulnerable little boy.
he was fiercely independent. he went to work at the age of 12 and whatever he earned in life, he did it on his own. nobody helped him get to where he did and although at times this made him bitter, he took great pride in his achievements.
he loved with all his heart and was loved with all of ours.
he adored my husband and we will forever cherish the beauty of that relationship. the two boys would solve the worlds problems, agree to disagree about politics, though both were always right in their opinions, of course. he hated donald trump and whenever he was blue and feeling lousy, hubbysito would mention that mans name and papa would perk up and we would all start laughing.
he lived on his own terms, (at times questionable),but we all
made sure he held onto his cherished independence until his last breath. he was a loner but he drew that last breath in the presence of all of those he loved and who loved him,
i chose this picture of him because, as sick and close to death as he was, work had to get done, bills had to be paid. the essence of a no nonsense dude with a great sense of the absurd and a dry wit.
we love you papa. we all wish we could call you to say good morning, spend time with you, then call you later to say goodnight.
you held on so long because you were worried about how we would hold up...we will hold up and uphold your legacy.
if you wish to leave a message on the link below to honor him, please do. does not matter if you never met. we are all one on this earth and as one our heart beat in both joy and sorrow.
thank you papa for giving me life. thank you god for giving us papa.
rest in eternal peace, embraced.
if you wish to say something,here is the link
thank you

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