Monday, June 22, 2015

the legend of the white flower

there was a beautiful land, once filled with love and light. all the little creatures, different as they were, understood their part in the meaning of things and lived in harmonious spirit.

time passed, and visitors arrived.  they stood, overwhelmed by the beauty before them.

the little creatures, cautious though they were, welcomed these strangers. 

the strangers took this welcome as an open invitation to do what they had done to where they came from.  they stole, hurt, killed.

soon, this beautiful land became desolate. 

the little creatures went underground.

one day, in the midst of the dark void that their world had become, a single flower emerged.

word spread of this flower and one by one, the little creatures and the plants they lived with, began to appear.

the strangers bowed their heads. humbled.   finally, they understood and sobbed in gratitude for the great knowledge they received.

hope had settled onto this once magical land in the form of one white flower.

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