Monday, October 22, 2012

to hate is to objectify is to hate

the essence of hatred is the assumption that one is superior to the object of this hatred. 

to assume superiority over any being is an outright lack of self-esteem, and in this narcissistic, yet egoless state, the search for self and validation assumes the ugliest of masks, a mask perhaps first donned when they were the victim.

the person in this state of self imposed nothingness then attempts to elevate him/herself by the denigration and abuse of whoever the chosen victim is.  by completely depersonalizing the "chosen", he/she is then able to lash out without constraint, since in this twisted, demonic state, any reason and compassion have long since flown.

the torments and tormenting continue, as bloodlust and anger at this level can never be sated. they keep going and killing and torturing and it is never enough.

there is no end, even at death, where the gates of hell await.

i pray that this will change one day,
that all this misery will go away.

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