Friday, March 20, 2020


in times such as these, we vacillate between terror, panic and defeat.

however, what better time than this to add healing into the brew.

why cling onto hold ways that have caused pain and suffering. toxicity only breeds more toxicity.

is there someone out there you have hurt? have your old patterns caused estrangement yet you repeat and repeat same with quite a different end in mind.

if the actions you take result in the same, then perhaps your actions are at fault.

is there someone who has hurt you? do you want to repair and move forward...

do you wish to forgive and/or be forgiven

do you TRULY want to fix what is broken?

then STOP!

look fragile our lives are. how in the nanosecond of an instant, our entire realities shift.

there is beauty in the urgency of healing.

so please, heal and be healed

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