Wednesday, October 11, 2017


there has been much written and spoken about rape and sexual abuse since the bill cosby story. now with harvey weinstein and his multitude of offenses, there is more.
rape is as old as man. rape is used as a weapon of war. rape is used as a means to subjugate and control. rape is sex as battering ram...
anyone who forces him/herself on another person, or species, imagines themselves as omnipotent and all powerful, when in actuality they are the miniscule, powerless lower than lows.
many victims stay quiet, out of fear...fear of retribution, fear of being blamed. some of us were just too young and had nowhere to turn. others are of species that do not communicate with the spoken language.
rape will never disappear from the human landscape...but we have the power, as individuals, and as a group, to call out those who continue to rape. to call out those who enable rape. to call out those who turn away and deny.
but we should never blame the victims. this blame game is the rapists best friend.
our strength lies in our commitment to help others, to provide support for those in need and to shut down those who harm...together we can make a dent and each little dent added to another little dent...
a sinkhole for all rapists to drown in!!!
thank you for taking the time to read this

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