Tuesday, March 15, 2016


for those who hunt me because i am a seal
did you ever stop to think just how i feel
i just want to sit on my rocks and ice
if you would leave me be, that would be so nice
my fur is mine, not yours for the taking
just look at all the red blood you are making
go back to your homes, your families, your wives
and leave us seals alone to enjoy our lives.


Carol Waterman said...

Very sad to see that after ALL these years, so-called humans continue to kill our precious, sentient beings. Thank you Karen for all you do.

"We cannot have two hearts, one for animals, another for man. In cruelty against one or the other, there is no difference, except for the victim." ~ French politician Lamartine (1790-1869)

« Nous ne pouvons pas avoir deux coeurs, un pour les animaux, l'autre pour l'homme. Dans la cruauté envers un ou l'autre, il n'y a pas de différence, à l'exception de la victime. »
~ Politicien français Lamartine (1790-1869)

Montreal, QC

karen lyons kalmenson said...

you are so welcome carol and thank you for caring and sharing that profound and wise quote.

we will keep on keeping on until all the voiceless are finally heard and man(un)kind finally gets it..


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