Sunday, August 23, 2015

for all shelter babies and those who love them

mikey(and his progress) so rewarding each day. yes he is nervous at what, so am i...each step he takes, each new thing he tries, each sweet little emotion and response to us...priceless and healing in more ways than i can possible enumerate by words. yes he plucked but his little nakey self is adorable in our eyes...we just feel bad he went through so much before a helping wing rescued him. are shelter birds do you define damage...seems that surviving the worst and being willing, however long it takes, to try again is the very opposite of damaged. we look at mikey and cannot imagine anyone not loving him and we are grateful every day for AHW sharing this little gift with us. so anyone out there looking for a companion animal, regardless of species...please go to a shelter...there is more love in those cages and eyes, more is an honor to adopt such a being...share your hearts. homes and be thus honored!
my story:

magic mikey macnoblebird king of macaws, just beclaws, part time tenured picklepuss and sir poopalot, the poet clawreate, snugglebuggle to the nth and zen master of all food bowls and water bowls, including those i poops in and conqueror of old man winter and mommycam and mondays and woodstock nation and climber of all things throne including human shoulders aka mikey littletoes and little green papaya and petunia ...petunia???, mommy i a boy..and baby baboonia and fatboy slim and babysbreath birdie lime greenius liittle big beakyboss mr crop mr chop little green baby dragon boy and maestro of the beakybites and dr squawkenstein and dizzy izzabeakyboy and rice cakes dragon and king nosentoesen I, peach blossom parrot,astromikey, magic mikeyverytall and crazylegz magerker, little green crunchkin, punky rooster♥

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