Saturday, October 11, 2014

i am a honor of pteribird and magic mikey

i am a parrot,
i cluck i squawk.
i have a will
of my own.
and i do not
always talk.
i eat like a piggy
throwing food all about
in the wild that is what
we do,
so new plants will sprout.
sometimes i am broody,
sometimes i take a nip
or two.
sometimes i want to be alone
sometimes i want to be
with you.
i need a lot of interaction
and exercise...
if left in a dark, dirty cage,
my spirit dies.
i might pluck, i might scream
what else can i do...
if being nice does not get a
reaction from you.
i belong in nature,
though my habitats
are being destroyed.
i am not a decoration
i am not a toy.
i could live a long life
many decades, too
please think very carefully
and decide if parrot
guardianship really
is for you.
or else from place to place
i will go. and never
feel secure.
if you take me home...
please be 10000% sure

thank you

♥magic mikey macnoblebird♥

♥pteri tea rose max a.k.a. pteribird♥

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