Monday, July 21, 2014

the elephant and the mosquito

don't fly by my head.
don't bite...
big or small...
just not right.
don't step upon
what i think is
my nest.
we are here,
we are not
just pests.
we have been
smashed and pummeled
for many large.
the unwitting no reason
of those in charge.
we are not here to
bear your pain.
and yet
you cannot
stop this rain.
and you throw
what you can,
digging into this,
our land.
you do not see,
it belongs to we.
so sad you fight,
blood you shed.
those you care for
lying dead.
names and numbers
that breathed the
mere vapors now
at the stats we
take a look into the eyes
of those you oppose.
yeah...they too have a soul...
yeah one of those.

decades now for peace i pray
but the miseries just don't
go away.

learn to say it is okay to be different from each other, because in the larger scheme, we are all the same
flowers of hope, and reason

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