Wednesday, March 13, 2013

a day in the life of pteri tea rose max

a day in the life of pteribird up and squawked at my mommy for breakfast.
2.jumped on mommy's finger so i could get aforementioned.
3.bit aforementioned finger.
4.played fussbudgie and nibbled at food.
5.clucked at daddy then bit him when he tried to pet my head
6.picked up toy in the pic and threw much fun to watch old
humans run around after my toys...teehee
7.allowed parents to pet my head(the things we boidies have to
8.squawked again because i effing feel like it.
9.actually ate a little to appease humans(and yes, i hungry;-)
10.mommy gave me a mist bath...then i groom my boidie beauty
11. repeat all of the above all day long.
12. poop everywhere all day long, spread powder and feathers.

~~~☺☻life is good...clucktweet☻☺~~~

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