Friday, June 17, 2011

the world according to the bucky boy

my name is bucky boy
and i live to play
so glad that your house
is now in my way
if the door is open,
that room i will
go through it
whatever is not nailed down
i will gladly chew it
if your shoes are in range
i would love to munch
nothing like brand new sneakers
as a snack before lunch
that watch you got when
you graduated from high school?
i stopped time with my puppy teeth
a-roooo ain't that cool!!!
and furniture, no problemo
wood does good fiber make
that dining room set
a great teething break
yes i am part wolf and i
like to howl
but take away my food
and i may start to growl
you are humans, that is
very clear
but three guesses who
is the alpha here

RIP bucky boy
homewrecker par excellence
and sorely missed

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